Saturday, November 19, 2005


Arom is manager of Koh Pu Valley Resort together with her husband Net!


Anonymous said...

Hi, we stayed at Koh Pu Valley Resort in Februari 2006. The spacious bungalow was nice and tidy. The bed was also okay. I recognize the lady on the picture. I remember her as being a very kind lady. We had a good time at Ko Pu, thanks!

Anonymous said...

We love you Arom!!!!!
See you soon
Leo and Betadine...(Belgium);;;;

Anonymous said...

We got talking to Arom on the Krabi-Lanta ferry. Normally we'd just stick to what Lonely Planet suggested but this time we both had a really good feeling about this lady and decided to give it a try. As we already pre-arranged accommodation in another resort (South of the island), the agreement was that we'd think about the offer and if we wanted to, call Arom who will arrange a pick up and will take us to her resort.
I can honestly say that I was so glad we met her on that boat... The place was great, a day there gave as much relaxation as a week anywhere else...
I sincerely hope that we'll be able to go back there one day & wish everybody who decided to stay with Arom the same peaceful time we had.
Radka (London, UK)
Nov 07