Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2008 Update

Since we have not had the luck to visit Arom and Net at Koh Pu Valley Resort since the 2005-2006 season we would be very happy if anyone who has stayed there last season or the current season would add a comment with some updated information. About Arom and Net, the bungalows and current rates or updated contact information!

Andreas and Johanna


Anonymous said...

I was there in November 2008. Had a great time with Mr. Ned and his wife Arun. If you are looking for a peaceful resort with reasonable bungalows you will be just fine at Koh Pu Valley.

Koh Pu Valley Resort said...

Great to hear that everything is alright with them! Thanks for the report!


Koh Pu Valley Resort said...

Check out this blog for an Nov 08 Update!


Especially the entry about Luboa Hut and North Beach. North Beach is of course where Koh Pu Valley Resort is located!

Anonymous said...

I was there this March for two weeks. Spent the fortnight chilling out with Ned, Kon and all the kids. Fantastic family and definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Ned has a new baby with his wife Arun as well as Job and Joy! I will definitely be visiting them again! :)

Joe (who loved porridge!)